On board VT-JBH on Flickr.

Looked outside while having a coffee to notice these spectacular colours and the vortices over the wing. Called for a picture, and that’s that.

On board VT-JBH on Flickr.

Catching the sunset from up there is a different experience altogether. Got to see some absolutely gorgeous colours and sights on approach.

V1. Rotate. on Flickr.

Rotation from DXB, overlooking Qusais and the Al Nahda areas of Dubai. On the taxiiway, a FlyDubai 737, proceeding toward runway 30L.

Cargo Terminal and T2, DXB on Flickr.

Took this shot right after rotation from 30L at DXB. I can’t quite recognise the two planes parked beside the FedEx MD-11, so if anyone can, do let me know.

A6-FDL on Flickr.

FlyDubai flight 857 to Gassim, KSA, holding short of runway 30L at DXB, while we lined up on the runway for departure to Mumbai.

9K-CAK on Flickr.

I wish I could’ve gotten a closer shot of this A320 on its finals, however I didn’t have my bigger lens on.
Here’s Jazeera Airways on finals while we held short of runway 30L.

A6-EDG on Flickr.

Taxiing behind the Superjumbo, heading towards runway 30L.

A6-EMU on Flickr.

Emirates Echo-Mike-Uniform taxiing to the parking bay as we taxied out to the runway for departure to BOM.

JY-AYX on Flickr.

Jordanian Alpha-Yankee-Xray parking next to us after arriving from Amman.

9K-AMB on Flickr.

Next bay neighbour at DXB.